Hi there,

I'm Gary, a straight talking brand designer and consultant for business. I started this business in 2006 and today our team is recognised as one of the most effective creative and strategic commercial branding companies in Ireland.

I started my career in the family business. My Dad was a designer and manufacturer of couture ladies fashion specialising in leather, sheepskin and suede. A skill passed onto him from my grandfather. Dad always taught me that sketching was the principal to shape an idea but in order to really flourish this from becoming just pen on paper to a product you have to understand the processes of the company, the clients and the market. I will forever hear him in my mind telling me how 'it is all about presentation, how you make someone feel by what you create...and always deliver beyond expectations."

The training I received from my Dad and his team catapulted me into a six year career with one of Ireland’s leading brand design agencies working alongside the best brand thinkers, shapers and graphic designers in Ireland. Previous to that I spent a number of years working with a specialist sales promotion and direct marketing company. I have worked with and advised the biggest and smallest companies throughout the Island of Ireland, always learning and passing this knowledge onto our clients.

To encapsulate this, I share three decades of knowledge from masters of the present and the past. At Gary Gartland Design we crafted a client focussed service that we believe offers an unrivalled experience in pure brand development, professional customer service for marketing and visual communications.

I have always been fascinated by the process of design and the power of effective branding to create

meaningful relationships. I love how the design process grows an idea into a real product to be shared with the world. It starts with an introduction conversation, getting to know who you are, what do you do, how do you do it and why you are in the business you are in. The first step is listening to your story to evoke the journey of where you desire to go next with your business.

Design for a purpose, produce with heart and win the business you deserve.